What is this?

This is a very long, open and public letter to Baby Bean McGyver, the little boy curently residing in my belly, to be evicted in December, likely during Christmas dinner.

I promise to back everything up in print to read to him during the sleepless nights. Oh, and in case you are wondering, the title did come from a horribly catchy Gwen Stefani song that is always stuck in my jukebox brain.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Week 31 - Coconut baby

"She put the lime in the coconut, she drank them both up." A whole week of that stinking song in my brain.

Hey baby!

Could you kindly remove your feet from my right ribcage, please? Thank you. 
Although Hannah assessed today that you're still in the same bum-to-the-moon position, right now it feels like a full horizontal stretch, tiger-in-the-sun style, making my belly morph into the oddest of shapes.

We are doing great, you are growing perfectly and we got our birth plan done today too. Scary stuff, heaps of decisions. Between the birth plan, the capsule/car seat thing and ordering a cake at the supermarket, I'm all out of decision making power. 

So...yesterday was my birthday! Birthdays are great fun, were everyone tells you how amazing you are, you feel loved all around, eat cake with your name on it and get presents. It's a major occasion, you'll love it for sure! Of course, your actual birth day has been more on my mind lately (and everyone else's, who wished great things for you too. People seem to think I'm going to be a good mum. Hum. What do you say?).

Overall, it was a quiet celebration sort of day, because Daddy was working and it fell on a Tuesday which is the most boring day of the week. We got to celebrate together, Daddy and I and The Bump, in Hanmer Springs last week, as you can see in the picture below. Stayed at a great hotel, it was pouring down rain, went to the pools, the sun came out for a bit, went out to dinner, it was lovely and unforgettable, an amazing memory to cherish of a very short and happy babymoon. We saw a couple at the pools with the baby (outside) in the capsule, maybe you'll get lucky and we'll pop over there sooner than we thought!

We'll celebrate again on Friday with our friends - and more cake yay! Pictures to come, I promise.

I'm confident that The Bump has doubled in size in the last few weeks. Each time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, there's a brief moment of doubt, of incredulity. Every time, who is that person? That grown-up lady, growing a tiny human inside? Wasn't I out of school just yesterday, or so it seems?  

I'm 8 months pregnant now, it's the home stretch, the last quarter, and still everyday feels surreal, every single day I put my hands on my squirmy middle and try to comprehend the enormity of you and us, how are going to do this?? It baffles me. Will you by any chance come out holding a big book of instructions?

At 30 years old and more than a little bit scared, I'm cooking inside of me the best gift life has ever given me. Great birthday, if you ask anyone.

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