What is this?

This is a very long, open and public letter to Baby Bean McGyver, the little boy curently residing in my belly, to be evicted in December, likely during Christmas dinner.

I promise to back everything up in print to read to him during the sleepless nights. Oh, and in case you are wondering, the title did come from a horribly catchy Gwen Stefani song that is always stuck in my jukebox brain.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

7 weeks and 1 day

Hey baby!

We've been calling you Bean. We hope to come up with a better name, but if we don't, well, better start getting used to it.

This Sunday is Mother's Day and I am super excited even though I can't tell anyone I'm a mom yet. My mom and Dad, who shall be named Grandma and Grandpa from now on, they sent me a lovely gift in the form a silver pram charm for my Pandora bracelet. If you Daddy forgets to get something even after the warning, there will be trouble. (BTW, there was trouble.)

7 weeks baby! Can we speed this thing up a bit?? I have no symptoms, except for some poorly timed nausea. Its weird, because I want to have symptoms! I want to make sure you are in there. I wish I could go for a scan every day. I need to tell people! I told Ana and she is super happy. Apparentely the aforementioned Grandma and Grandpa already told half the population of Brazil.

Yesterday we bought our first baby items: a brush and comb set, and a beanie and mittens set. So your hair is all good. Priorities, right?? But to be fair, we did spend a lot of time talking to a nice lady at Farmers Kids, who explained all the details about car seats, capsules, strollers (which I will stop calling trolleys, I swear), and all this new world of information we had no clue about.

Its insane all the things I think about now.  About how you are going to feed and sleep. How am I going to ever sleep again with all the worrying in my head. How life is going to be. If we should get a pacifier or not. Should I be taking fluoride. What on earth is swaddling and should I be learning it. But mainly, what kind of person you are going to be and what can we do right now to make sure your going down the right tracks in life. How every single word coming out of my mouth will have impact on you.

Tell you what baby, that's some scary stuff right there. Thank God we have 33 more weeks to obsess over it, than its game time.

Happy Mothers Day to me and to my amazing mom! =)

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