What is this?

This is a very long, open and public letter to Baby Bean McGyver, the little boy curently residing in my belly, to be evicted in December, likely during Christmas dinner.

I promise to back everything up in print to read to him during the sleepless nights. Oh, and in case you are wondering, the title did come from a horribly catchy Gwen Stefani song that is always stuck in my jukebox brain.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Week 21 - Carrot Baby

Hey Baby!

You are now the size of a carrot, which is huge. My belly is growing by the hour and my jeans are history. Thank God I've learned that JeansWest makes a maternity line.

Yesterday Daddy and I took on the task of decorating the walls in the nursery and I'm so proud that you're going to have a nice and cozy place to rest, eat, play and be happy. Whenever I go in there, I try to picture you in it, what sounds you're making, games you'll be playing, how you're going to be just naughty enough to make me laugh.You got gifts, new clothes from the our lovely neighourbs, cute outfits with trucks on them, and your supply of nappies and stuff is growing just as quickly as my waist.
You're moving around a lot, specially during the night and when Daddy puts his head on my belly. You are also giving me terrible heartburn, keeping me awake at night. Practice eh?? That's ok, other than that, we are doing pretty good, you and I.

Oh, and I've booked our antenatal classes, so rest assured that when you arrive, we'll at least know how to change your diapers. I apologize in advance for all the other screw-ups that are sure to follow.

Everybody loves your name and I'm doing my best to stop calling you Bean, but not making any promises.

On other related pregnancies: Kelly W is due anytime now; Michelle announced on FB and is 14 weeks, so you'll have a friend by Valentine's day; Roberta is having a little boy named Miguel and we are hoping for a same day-delivery, her and I; Kelly P is doing great and Elai is taking care of herself to give the world a healthy baby boy too. So this is the year of the Boy.

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